A devotion to Cash Generation and EBITDA Improvement

WCP International was founded by Graham Lloyd to help individual company owners and private equity groups to improve the financial health of their businesses by:

  1. Turning their Working Capital into Cash
  2. Improving their EBITDA
  3. Creating and implementing solutions to operating problems

The WCP International team uses its proprietary WCashPlus™ Process to create value for business owners and managers by converting their Working Capital into cash. The Process has been proven and refined over many years, and has generated over $1 billion in cash through its systematic, customer and supplier-friendly approach. EBITDA is also enhanced by the Process, which often produces major reductions in bad debt, obsolete inventory and raw material costs.

For the individual business owner, the WCP Process generates the cash to:

  1. Expand and grow the company
  2. Reduce debt and interest payments
  3. Pay dividends

For a private equity group, the cash generated by the WCP Process will:

  1. Enable debt to be significantly reduced
  2. Maximize IRR for the benefit of investors and the Management Team
  3. Strengthen performance versus bank covenants
  4. Help fund capital investments and bolt-on acquisitions

WCashPlus™ removes the obstacles that cause money to be tied up in Working Capital, allowing the cash to flow freely through to the business owner.

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